Welcome to Aus Sports TV – Australia’s online sports event TV channel and sports video production company. All videos on this website are proudly made by us, so please sit back relax and enjoy sports videos in an all new way!

The business, now in it’s 6th year, began in August 2013 set up by ‘back then’ 20 year old Jennifer Stockwell, determined to deliver sports and highlights of events in an exciting new way through online digital platforms.

As a rise in sports events continues to increase at a rapidly growing rate, more new marathons and triathlons are appearing by the day. A hole in the market soon became apparent as somehow these events need to have the exposure and coverage they deserve in an affordable way to keep participation, and more importantly increase numbers to survive.

Whilst we film a variety of local and national sporting events across the country, including triathlon events, obstacle racing events, running events, multi-sport and adventure races. We also film various promotional videos for our partner businesses and hotels.

The mission for Aus Sports TV is to help keep local sporting events alive by promoting the best at what they’ve got and giving new events a leg up with the best coverage they deserve. Videos are portrayed and targeted at the immediate and intended audience, predominately with real stories of athletes and age group athletes for better interaction, entertainment and connection, as a means for increased event involvement.

Our vision, is for us to be an avid advocate for a national movement of an entrepreneurial revolution. Now is the time where athletes begin their own product ranges, triathlon mums start boot camps and students have the power to set up their own events.

Now is the time to appreciate the massive growth of the giant wave of technology, gaining speed and momentum with the help of convergence, we can chose to ride it or be pulled under.

This is Aus Sports TV. It’s your time to be seen.

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